The Mobile Optimization package leverages Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, and Mobile Speed Check to identify areas in your website needing improvement. Once problem areas have been spotted, a one-time mobile optimisation development will be performed, which can improve the mobile speed and friendliness of the site.


  • Optimize your client’s website for mobile viewing by using information gathered from Google’s Internal Tools.
  • Identify and develop areas requiring improvement to increase the mobile-friendliness of the website and gain higher visibility in Mobile Index.
  • Check up to THIRTY pages of the website and implement mobile optimisation enhancements if needed.
  • Implement enhancements like optimising site pictures, leveraging browser caching, enabling compression, enabling keep-alive, and other mobile-specific improvements.
  • Minify CSS, HTML, and Javascript needed to ensure more efficient performance.
  • Install AMP to blog sites if necessary.
  • Up to a total of 8hrs for total mobile optimisation, may include optimising existing images or content to be mobile friendly.