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Time is the most important factors in our lives. You can say that our lives count on it. 🙂 If we don’t monitor it or at least make every moment count, we will end up feeling empty till the day we die. In here, we will provide you with the best time trackers ever made, at least the digital ones which are quite sufficient. In this section, we have also included ways and apps to improve your productivity because these two – time and productivity are always linked if you want to achieve your objectives. We have labelled them under ‘time trackers’ or ‘productivity’

For the good of all, we will include apps for Android, Iphones, Windows, Apple, web-based or whatever new platforms that might appear in the future. This list will definitely be updated so do tune back for more!


1. aTimeLogger (Time Trackers)

Search for this, it is worth every minute of your time. You can track your time up to the time you go to the restroom because everything can be customized. It will give you a chart of how you used your time per day or week or month,etc. so that you will know where to tweak it to achieve your objectives faster. And everything is free! We took a long time before we landed on this gem. So check it out and change your life.

2. Do Now (Time Trackers)

This is another fantastic application for Android. You can set your routine tasks, set the timing to each task (we recommend 30 minutes for each task to maximize productivity) and there is an archive for your history. The app developer is continuously improving on the app. So stay tuned to the updates. This here is another gem that we have been using for some time now. It will allow you to track your time better in a pomodoro style (i.e. set timing for a specific task that you do). The difference between this and the rest of the apps out there is that it gives you a fuller picture of what you should do on a daily basis.


1. Google Chrome : Kanban Flow (Productivity)

This brings you to https://kanbanflow.com/. It gives you lean project management simplified and is by no means related to IMSimplify except by this post. It separates your tasks into ‘to do’, ‘do today’. ‘ongoing’ and then ‘done’. These are ways to monitor your tasks so that you will know how to plan your days, weeks or months ahead. You can have to ability analyze and improve your work flow, in that respect. Also, if your team is on a certain project, Kanban Flow gives you the freedom to include your team in the work flow such that everyone can see where the project or projects are heading and make the necessary adjustments. Therefore, in short, this has the ability to improve your personal or team productivity which can give you an analysis of how you used your time (paid feature).





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