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Mind maps are good to have in businesses, be it to draft out an idea or to convey an idea to your audience.

For the benefit of those who have not come across what mind maps. In short, a mind map is a visual representation of hierarchical information that includes a central idea surrounded by connected branches of associated topics.Mind maps were first popularized by British popular psychology author and television personality Tony Buzan but dated back a long time ago to the 3rd century. Enough of history. Back to business.

Mind maps will give a very concise picture of the whole idea that you are trying to bring across to yourself or the audience. They will also allow you to explain everything in a single page. No more reading 20 pages to get an idea. You get the flow.

Now, there are digital mind maps so you don’t even have to pick up your pens. Just use the online tool and a mind map that you had just made can be saved into your computer for your perusal. Below are a few websites you can create mind maps from. Feel free to comment below if you know of more or better ones.

1.  GoConqr – https://www.goconqr.com/en-US

One of the best right now, we feel. You could actually create mind maps with images. From what we see, this is a powerful tool (web-based) to have. Have a look at it. It is all free, unless you want to do more than mind maps. Share with us your experiences.

2. Coggle – https://coggle.it

This is another free web-based tool. And yes, it requires sign-up like GoConqr above, but with Gmail account. Therefore if you have gmail account, you can sign in and start immediately.

For this tool, you can change the colours of the branches. After you are done with the mind mapping, you can download as pdf or png. Either that, you can also share it with your counterparts and if you allow them, to edit the maps.

We will update better ones when we spot any. For now, the above will be sufficient for your mind-mapping needs.


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