Necessary IM Membership Accounts

This is quite straightforward. It is thanks to all these companies and their respective membership accounts that allow us to have free storage space, free traffic streaming to our websites, landing pages, etc. Without further ado….(Note: the first three are very important to have).

1. Google account – – Free

This will give you access to storage space as well as emails. You practically don’t have to delete anything in your emails, unless you want a neat email account. It is that huge. Google drive, keyword planner are all accessible with your google account. And the membership is all free! This is a must have of all the membership accounts that we are going to introduce, and we rate it on the top of our list, for obvious reasons.

Regarding Social Media to help grow your Internet Marketing endeavors, this account will grant you access to Google+

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2. Facebook account –

If you do not yet have this, please, please go get it. This membership will get you more friends, knowledge than you can ever think of. There are many groups you can participate in to improve your lives. If you are in business, you can get good exposure for your business. It can even provide free traffic to your websites. If you are building a list, you can have access to all the members who have added you as their friends. There are more that it can do and they are constantly improving the system in Facebook.

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3. Twitter Account –

This is quite obvious. You must have a Twitter account because then you will be able to get followers to your company or to show what you are doing. Both sides benefit therefore. If you don’t have a Twitter account, go set up one for free now and start tweeting!

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4. Linkedin –

This is more of a professional membership to have. You can choose to follow professionals who also link you up to articles that they like or prefer. At the same time, this serves as free traffic if you know how to use it to your advantage. Therefore, be professional in all you do inside Linkedin. You do not want bad press for yourself, unless you wanna be notorious.

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5. Periscope –

Simply put, this allows you to set up a video chat or video whatever, with your followers, in real time. At the same time, your listeners or watchers will be able to type real time into the chat box and give lots of love to you (by pressing on the screen of their smartphones. They are also able to send tweets to Twitter to get their followers to get in on your Periscope session. The hype this can create is massive. Therefore, try it, with a small audience first and then scale up and get all those people excited about what you have to give!

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More will be added soon. Please stay tuned!



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