IM Tools Introduction

It is a little tough if you want to buy products that will improve your business and bring it to the next level if you are low on budget, and you have not made any money in the internet marketing business. Constant spending of your hard-earned money and seeing no returns due to time constraint, etc. can bring you down. Maybe, in a few months, quit and then go back to being a full-time employee.

This section here will provide you with all, if not, most of the free tools you can use in each sub-category to improve your Internet Marketing businesses. Links to the various websites which provide all these free tools will be provided when you click on the specific sub-category. Treat it like a library of free/almost free tools that you can use.

The pages will be updated now and then we find new tools or when certain tools are already taken down or made payable. We will try our best to keep this section updated. At the same time as we are all humans, we hope that you can help to inform us if a certain tool is already outdated or no longer free, but is still in this section categorised as free.

You may also be wondering how we choose the tools and why are some of the tools not in this section.
Firstly, if we have not added any tool that you deem useful, please tell us in the comment section. We will add them if they are good.
How do we define good? Simply, the tools here are those which have received the least number of complaints from users but are performing up to the standards of the general internet community.

Last but not least, the subcategories are arranged in ascending alphabetical order for easy searching. Thanks again and we hope you’ll enjoy and devour this section!